Tim's Weather World: Some cold in forecast but no significant snow

We are now more than halfway through meteorological winter and we have very little snow to show for it.  O’Hare picked up a trace of snow on both Saturday and Sunday to bring the grand total to an unimpressive 1.3″ so far.  That is 12.6″ below average.  Each day we go without a 1″ snowfall adds to a record.  Today is the 325th straight day without a 1″ or more snowfall (during a calendar day).  We have smashed the old record of 313 straight days back in the winter of 1939-1940.  This is the 4th latest we have ever gone into a winter without a 1″ snowfall.  The latest we ever went into a winter without at least a 1″ snowfall was January 8th, 1944.  The only snow in the forecast through the weekend is a few flurries Wednesday night or Thursday morning so it appear we will break that record also.

There is snow out there.  Nearly half the contiguous US (44.6%) has snow cover (see below).  Last year at this time about 33% of the US was reporting snow cover.




Part of the reason for the lack of snow has been a lack of cold air.  Today could end up being the coldest day of the season so far but it is only one of 6 days that have been below average all season.  The 8 to 14 day outlook does give snow lovers some hope with a 50-60% probability of below average temperatures here.  We are also outlooked for above average precipitation during that period.

814temp_new814prcp_new Monday




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