ASK TOM: Chicago snowfall in 1965

Dear Tom,

My son was born during a major snowstorm on Jan. 13, 1965. It seems that we’ve gotten a lot of snow on that date. Is that true?

–Donna Green

Dear Donna, While it is true that Chicago has received a lot of snow on Jan. 13, not much fell in 1965. The day of your son’s birth brought just 0.4 inches, though 3.9 inches followed Jan. 14 to 15.
Jan. 26 takes the honors for being Chicago’s snowiest date with a cumulative snowfall of 79.8 inches dating back to 1885, but Jan. 13 takes a strong second place with 71.8 inches. Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski noted that, regarding Jan. 13, it has snowed on 71 of 128 days (55 percent) since 1885. The day’s largest snowfall was in 1979 when 16.5 inches fell, the bulk of 20.3 inches that blanketed the area during the crippling Blizzard of ’79.