Milder temperature and rain lead to a weekend reality check



Milder temperature and rain lead to a weekend reality check


Chicago’s mild and relatively snow-free winter reaches another milestone on Tuesday, which extends to 319 the city’s string of days without a 1-inch snow. That ties the record of 319 days recorded in 1940. Wednesday will break the record and, with temperatures forecast to surge into the 50s Friday and Saturday, the record streak will continue to be lengthened.


On average, the lowest temperature logged in a Chicago winter is nine degrees below zero and only 13 winters of the past 142 have failed to log at least one sub-zero reading. To date, this season’s lowest reading has been 10 degrees (above zero).

All weather patterns eventually change, and a shift to temperatures more typical of January, possibly accompanied by snow, is forecast for late Saturday and Sunday. Until then, expect considerably higher temperatures and much-needed rain.