Tim's Weather World: Head to Texas if you want snow

Texas snow

Pretty pathetic if the best chance for accumulating snow is over southwest Texas but that is par for the course this winter.  The photo above is from Fort Stockton, Texas where they picked up at least 6″ of snow yesterday. Winter storm warnings expire this morning for parts of southern New Mexico and southwest Texas where as much as 4 to 8″ of snow could accumulate.  Meanwhile, we are still waiting for our fist official 1″ snowfall at O’Hare.  The latest we have ever gone into winter before seeing our first 1″ snowfall was January 17, 1899.  This winter now ranks 10th on the list of the latest first 1″ snowfall.  Today will be the 315th consecutive day without an inch of snowfall.  The longest streak occured back in 1939-1940 when the streak lasted 319 days.  After today this winter will rank second, just 4 days behind that record streak.


Those records for lack of substantial snow may be revised if the 10 day total accumulation forecast from the GFS model verifies.  It is spitting out a paltry .7″ of snow (see below).


11111 snowfall

There is plenty of snow out there.  Nearly 65% of the contiguous US is reporting snowfall with an average depth of just under 6″ (see below).  That is more than three times the snow cover compared to this time last year.



There is some snow in the forecast but you probably won’t need to break out the snow blowers just yet.  That Texas system will shoot a piece of energy our way late Saturday but the system will weaken considerably and only squeeze out light snow or flurries with little accumulation.  A dusting is possible in places but accumulations should be under an 1″.






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