Winter slowly tightening its grip on city

So far Chicago’s winter has been a piece of cake with little snow and cold. With the exception of a few lakeside locations, snowfall has been minor with the season’s snowfall total in most areas still less than one inch, well below the 9.0 inches typical to date. The city has not recorded a subfreezing high since a 27 degree high on February 25, and should tie the record for the city’s longest such stretch of 308 days Saturday.


Colder days ahead

As the end of the year approaches, colder weather is making inroads into the area and snowfall, while not heavy is occurring with increasing frequency. Another round of lake-effect snow should whiten lakeside counties Saturday while a developing weather system threatens a New Year’s Eve snowfall, especially for the south portions of the Chicago area. The coldest weather of the season will start the New Year with forecast highs in the teens and lower 20s and lows in the single-digits and teens.

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