Christmas night temperature jump keep string of days with above freezing highs alive

Through 9pm  Christmas night the city’s official temperature recorded at O’Hare International Airport for December 25 stood at 29 degrees and it appeared that Chicago would finally record its first day of the season with a subfreezing high. Wel,l it didn’t happen. A surge of v lake-warmed  air arrived, boosting the temperature to 33 degrees keeping the string of above freezing days alive. The city’s last day with a sub freezing high was back on February 25 with a high of 27 degrees.  The latest into a cold season that Chicago has ever gone without recording a subfreezing high was January 1, 1924 during the winter of 1923-24. With today’s high (December 26) already at 33 degrees the city is now within 6 days of the record.



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