Lake-effect snow showers offer lakeside counties their best chance for Christmas flurries/snow

Christmas Day’s lake-effect snow showers need generate accumulations of only 0.3” at O’Hare or 0.6” at Midway to equal the heaviest snow which has fallen at the two city observation sites to date this season. Converging northeast winds off Lake Michigan and northerly winds on the adjacent shoreline are predicted to be just enough to encourage air to rise and cool across lakeside counties, producing snow flurries or even some better organized snow showers at times Tuesday.
As one moves away from the lake on Christmas day, any snow is to likely to fall in the form of spotty flurries.
Historically, 53 per cent of Chicago’s Christmases have produced at least a trace of snow.



Chicago’s 0.3 inch seasonal snow tally—just 4 per cent normal—has been equaled only once over the past 128 years


To call the city’s snow tally to date “lackluster” would be to understate the rare situation in which the Chicago area finds itself.  It’s been 69 years since so little snow has fallen this far into a season. It last occurred during World War II in 1943. That’s the last time only 0.3” was on the books for a season by December 25.

While 7.1 inches of snow is the most recent 30 year average to date, the 0.3 inches which has fallen thus far is just 4 per cent of “normal”.
Given last year’s unimpressive snowfall, it’s hard to imagine that this December’s snow tally could be even less impressive—but it is! A total of just 1.7” had fallen by this time a year ago. This season’s 0.3″ isn’t even a fifth that amount!



Bitter chill’s been seeping into the western and upper Midwest off Canadian snowpack; Christmas morning wind chills near 30-below in northern Minnesota



Bitterly cold air—the chilliest of the season to date—has been seeping off Canada’s snowpack into the northern tier of Lower 48 states in recent days. Sub-zero temperatures with wind chills as low as 30 below were predicted to greet early Christmas risers in northern Minnesota Tuesday while sub-zero wind chills were predicted south across Iowa, Kansas and Colorado.



Downstate Illinois/Indiana blizzard watches among winter weather warnings and advisories out across 33 states



A major snowstorm, the second to roam sections of the Midwest in just a week’s time, threatens downstate Illinois and Indiana late Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Just as with last week’s major snow-maker, this system’s heavy snow will side-track Chicago—this time passing to the south.  The system is to cripple travel across southern and central Illinois and Indiana beginning late Tuesday night with local 1-foot accumulations combining with 40+ mph wind gusts to produce blizzard conditions in the hardest hit locations there.


Potentially tornadic thunderstorms a threat Christmas Day across eight Gulf states from Texas to the Florida panhandle


The same storm threatens a serious severe weather outbreak, including possible tornadic thunderstorms across sections of eight Gulf states Christmas Day.  Rotating super celluar thunderstorms may spin up tornadoes from eastern Texas across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, western Georgia and the Florida panhandle Wednesday into Wednesday night.


Chicago’s not yet logged a sub-32-degree daytime temp this season, a first in 41 years


The 2012-13 season’s limited snowfalls not been the only weather anomaly this season.
Chicago’s has yet to log an official sub-freezing daytime high temperature this season.  The last time the area made it to a Dec. 25 without a sub-freezing temperature was 41 years ago in 1971.

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