ASK TOM WHY:Did winter start late in 1966-67 when Chicago had the "Big Snow"?

Dear Tom,


Recently a co-worker said the last time we had a winter that started so late we had the 23-inch snowstorm of January 1967. Is that true?


— Kathy, Algonquin


Dear Kathy,


Your co-worker is mistaken.


The first flurries of the 1966-67 season fell Nov. 1, right on schedule. They were quickly followed by the season’s first measurable snow of 1.5 inches the following day.


The rest of November brought only flurries, but 6.7 inches fell in December, with an additional 3 inches in January.


Those led up to the 23-inch “Big Snow” on Jan. 26-27.


The 1966-67 season went on to produce 68.4 inches and ranks as the city’s third-snowiest season on record after 1978-79 with 89.7 inches and 1977-78 with 82.3 inches.

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