Tom Skilling's latest take on the approaching season's first snowstorm

Storm update: Docile Winter of 2012-13 coming alive! WINTER STORM WATCH covers Chi area late Thursday/Thursday night. No travel problems other than wet pavement into early afternoon Thursday here. Season’s biggest winter storm to date bearing down on Chi area-first with rain/thunder-then wind/snow! It’s to be the biggest moisture-producing system in Chi in 5 months & is to bring 1st measurable snow of season & biggest snow since 3.5″ Feb 24-10 months ago. Current indications of switch from rain to snow: Switch over to snow in Rockford 2-3 pm Thu & Chi 4-6 pm during eve rush. 6 to 10 hrs of windblown snow with 50-60 mph gusts & 3 to 6″ totals mainly Thursday night. Another system of potential substance could be a snow-producer next week.

3 hours ago

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