Tim's Weather World: Snow in sight?

We have not seen any measurable snow (.1″ or more) since March 4th.  Today will be the 288th day in a row without measurable snow, a new record.  We broke the record a week ago today and each day that passes without snow stretches the record snowless streak further.  We have also broken the record for going furthest into the winter without measurable snow.  The old record was December 16th, 1965.  Snow lovers can take heart though since our snow drought should end later this week.  Computer models are in agreement (at least today) that measurable snow will fall on Thursday.




The European model (top image) is forecasting nearly 5″ of snow by early Friday morning while the GFS model is spitting out a bit over 1″ of snow.  Both models agree that the heaviest snow will be north and west of the city.

Forecasting this far out is fluid so stay tuned.  A slight change in the path of this storm could mean the difference between just a little rain and several inches of snow.




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