After a warm-up and rain—next chance for Chicago snow about a week away


A center of low pressure is forecast to move out of the plains over Chicago this coming Saturday, a track that will more than likely mean a return to much above normal temperatures for the remainder of the workweek and a much-needed weekend rain for this area. However each snowless day that passes adds to the record number of consecutive days without measurable snow (282 days as of Tuesday) and a day closer to the record-latest occurrance of measurable snow set here back on December 16, 1965.


Following the weekend storm system, colder air will settle a little farther south into northern Illinois, dropping daytime temperatures into the 30s. At the same time, another low pressure circulation may develop in the plains and move east-northeast, tracking up the Ohio River Valley and  passing south of Chicago next Tuesday. Such a storm path would place Chicago in the northern portion of the system-generated potential snow band, and possibly produce our first measurable snow of the season.


Elsewhere around the nation, another low pressure disturbance will move into the Pacific Northwest dumping 5 to 10 inches of new snow over portions of eastern Washington, northern Idaho, northwest Montana, central and northern Nevada, as well as the Sierra mountains of California. Tuesday night a freeze warning was issued for south-central Texas, and localized seven-inch rains from repeating thunderstorms created extensive flooding in Jupiter in northeastern Palm Beach County, Florida.