Tim's Weather World: Feast or famine snow

Minneapolis saw record snowfall yesterday with 10.5″.  Their “snow drought” has come to an end almost overnight.  As of Saturday the city was behind 2.4″ in average snowfall since December 1st and now they have a surplus of nearly 8″ of snow above and beyond average.  Princeton, Minnesota lead the state with 13″ of new snow.  Below is a graphic that shows where the snow fell Sunday.

It may be a feast for Minnesota but our snow famine continues here.  We will get scant amounts of snow today.  If we fail to pick up .1″ of snow or more, we will break the record of consecutive days without measurable snow as the tally could reach 281 today.   The last time we saw measurable snow was back on March 4th.  Milwaukee broke their streak for snowless days today with 280 days since their last measurable snow.


If no measurable snow falls at O’Hare today, we could go on to shatter the previous record by at least another 4 days.  The forecast is dry after today through the end of the week.  The graphics below show the total snowfall accumulation forecast for the next 10 days ending early next Thursday morning.  The GFS model (on top) shows a potential of 1.3″ during the period while the European model (on bottom) shows a potential for up to 4″.  Hang in there snow lovers!





O’Hare has reported just a trace of snow so far this snow season or about 3.3″ below average.






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