Winter arrives in the upper Midwest


Mild and snow free weather have been the rule across the Midwest this fall, but finally a major snowstorm is taking aim at portions of the northern Plains and Upper Midwest. Winter storm warnings and advisories are posted across portions of seven states from eastern Montana to northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan where as much as 10 inches of snow may accumulate by late Sunday.


The Chicago area will be getting rain, not snow as the city continues to escape wintry weather. Rain will begin early Sunday, but could be mixed with snow at the onset especially north and west of the city. If the city does not receive measurable snow Sunday, it will mark the 280th day since the last measurable snow on March 4, tying a record set in 1994. A snowless Monday would break the record. A blast of colder air will arrive Monday with the season’s first subfreezing high temperatures expected.