Temperatures for the opening 5 days of December slip from 3rd to 6th mildest of the past 142 years as Wednesday’s high drops 19-degrees from 24 hours earlier


Wednesday’s 40-degree peak reading marked a jarring 19-degree pullback from Tuesday’s 59-degree high to a more seasonable early December level. That single one-day drop reduced the temperature ranking of Chicago’s opening 5-days of December from third to 6th-warmest on record.


The city’s average Chicago temperature, while down to 47.5-degrees, still managed an eye-catching 14.4-degree surplus above the long-term historic average.

Despite Wednesday’s chilly 40-degree high—the city’s chilliest here in 8 days—the Dec. 1-5  period remained the mildest of the past 14 years .


Temperatures are to rebound to within striking distance of 50-degrees Thursday.

Lackluster snowfall to date may begin changing in the more active weather pattern taking shape in the coming week


Big weather changes loom. A Greenland blocking pattern is under-development and likely to force cold air southward off the Canadian snowpack into the Midwest in a series of surges over the next week, the first of which is to hit later this weekend.


90 percent of Chicago’s seasonal snow occurs from December 6th forward; 24% of city’s 4″+ snows have occurred this month


Snows, which have been bypassing the Chicago area much of the season to date, appear an increased probability in the days ahead. That’s not surprising. 90% of Chicago’s seasonal snow occurs from this date forward. December plays host to 24% of the Chicago area’s 4-inch or greater snows.