ASK TOM: Chicago's Thanksgiving Day snow of 1950

Dear Tom,

My husband and I grew up in Chicago, and I remember a Thanksgiving Day blizzard in the 1950s when my dad had to dig out our Studebaker before we could drive home from a holiday dinner at my aunt’s house. What year was this?

– Cynthia Naas, Gold Canyon, Ariz.


Dear Cynthia,

We scoured the record books, and the only substantial Thanksgiving Day snow in the 1950s was a paltry 1.8 inches Nov. 23, 1950, hardly enough to bury a Studebaker.


That same year, the Chicago area was hit by a snowstorm the Sunday after Thanksgiving on Nov. 26, when 5 to 6 inches of wet, wind-driven snow plastered the city.


Strong winds produced huge waves that flooded parts of Lake Shore Drive. The storm was much worse just east of the city, where 6- to 12-foot snow drifts halted traffic across northwest Indiana.