Tim's Weather World: Snow free start to meteorological winter

Meteorological winter starts Saturday and despite the change in seasons, there is no real snow in sight for the next several days.  This weekend and early next week will feature October-like warmth with highs near 60°.   It might not quite be shorts weather but it certainly won’t be “Bear weather” at Soldier Field Sunday as southerly breezes push highs to nearly 20° above average.


At least someone is getting some snow…


The snow scene in the photograph above is from Moscow.  The Russian capital is digging out from one of their biggest November snowstorms of the past 50 years.  The storm dumped up to 8″ of snow or nearly half their normal amount for the entire month of November.


There will be a quick shot of colder air on Tuesday and Wednesday but then temps bounce back above average by the end of next week.  The 6 to 10 day temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center has the vast majority of the U.S. outlooked for above average temperatures for the period that covers the end of next week and next weekend.  Hard to get snow without the cold.


Snow has been scant so far for much of the midwest and northern plains.  Here are some other cities that have yet to see any substantial snowfall:


Snowfall so far                      Amount below average

O’Hare                                                         Trace                                            -1.3″

Milwaukee                                                   Trace                                            -2.2″

Green Bay                                                    1.5″                                              -2.2″

Des Moines                                                 Trace                                            -2.3″

International Falls                                        10.5″                                             -4.9″

Minneapolis                                                   .8″                                               -8.6″





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