Dear Tom,


Chicago has not received measurable snow since March 4. Are we close to the record for the longest period without measurable snow?


Thanks, Michael Maenza  and Bruce Hasher


Dear Michael and Bruce,


With no measurable snow from March 5 through November 30, the city’s snowless period has reached 271 days. That makes it the city’s third longest and rapidly closing in on second-place 1946 when 277 days were logged from March 10-December 11. Chicago’s all-time record of 280 days was set back in 1994 from March 1 to December 5. If the city does not record measurable snow through December 10, a new record of 281 days will be established. Based on the latest suite of long-term computer forecasts, odds look good for surpassing 1946, but breaking the 1994 record is questionable if a snow
threat next weekend materializes.

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