Tim's Weather World: Snowcover shrinks then expands

31.5% of the contiguous US reported snow cover on November 12th.  In a little over a week that snow cover has shrunk to just 7.2% of the US.  No wonder with record highs yesterday reported in nine states.  Highs hit 70 as far north as South Dakota.  Snow lovers can take heart though since computer models are hinting at snow cover expanding during the next 10 days.  The 10 day total snowfall forecast maps below from the European model (top image) and the US model have snow cover stretching southward into northern Illinois by the start of December.

It is easy to envision more snow after seeing the 6 to 10 day outlook for temperatures from the Climate Prediction Center. Northern Illinois and northwest Indiana have a greater than 60% probability of seeing below average temperatures for the end of November.  So far we have seen just a trace of snow officially.  The average snowfall through the end of November is 1.5“.  A few flurries could fly as early as Friday as temperatures tumble and strong northwest winds carry in the coldest air of the season so far.  The next chance of snow beyond that is Tuesday as models suggest a system could bring us rain initially that may mix with and change to snow that day.





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