November reaches its mid-point with a temp deficit on the books—but slow warming underway; Thanksgiving could see 60-degrees next Thursday for the first time in 14 years


November, which reaches its mid-point Wednesday, has been a chilly month. It’s the Chicago area’s third consecutive month to post a temperature deficit which, despite predicted warming next week—a warm-up which could include the area’s first 60+degree Thanksgiving in 14 years on Thursday—may well survive the remainder of the month. If true, that’s a development which all but assures Fall 2012 will post a full season-deficit—a huge change from the record-breaking 11-month string  of above normal temperatures which led into it.


Eleven of November’s opening 14 days—nearly 80 percent of them—have finished below normal.

A somewhat mild weekend—but an even milder Thanksgiving week’s on the way


Temperatures surge into the 50s in coming days—a noticeable change in the wake of a spate of daytime 40s which began Monday. And, the milder than normal temperatures continue into next week. That’s when gusty southwest winds will sweep in to the area on Wednesday and Thursday, a development which could nudge readings to 60 or higher.


Persistent northeast winds and astronomical high tides prompt coastal flood advisories up and down the East Coast


Modest coastal flooding is predicted the next few days as northeast winds sweep ashore along the East Coast. It’s a set-up expected to last there through the coming weekend. But it’s what happens next which could prove even more eye-catching.


A stronger storm system is to take shape over the Western Atlantic. Even though computer forecasts Wednesday developed the storm farther at sea, the huge band of northeast winds expected to strengthen as this system intensifies late this weekend and early next week could still present coastal areas with wave and tide problems. The situation will have to be monitored.