ASK TOM: Chicago late-season warmth

Dear Tom, 

Was the 70-degree high that we recorded last Sunday (Nov. 11) one of the later 70-degree highs we’ve recorded as of late?

– Lew Lake,  Wheaton


Dear Lew,

Actually it wasn’t.  Just a year ago the mercury also peaked at a balmy 70 degrees on Nov. 13. Prior to that, two 71-degree highs were recorded on Nov. 13 and 18 in 1999 and a 70-degree high was logged on Nov. 19 in 1991.


The city’s most remarkable run of late-season warmth occurred in November 1953, when a record string of five highs in the 70s occurred Nov. 15-19, culminating with an unseasonably warm high of 74.


The city has even recorded two 71-degree highs in December, one on Dec. 3, 1970 and the other on Dec. 2, 1982.