ASK TOM: Stormy November 1975 across Upper Midwest

Dear Tom,

On Nov. 19, 1975, I was in northwest Iowa, watching a blizzard roll down from the northwest. I thought this was the Edmund Fitzgerald storm, but that was Nov. 10. How many powerful storms came across the Northern Tier in November 1975?

— Chas Hague, Des Plaines


Dear Chas,
November 1975 was an extremely stormy month across the Upper Midwest with five major storms hitting the area.
The legendary Edmund Fitzgerald storm garnered all the attention, but four other storms brought major doses of wind, rain, snow and cold. The storm that you recall moved from the Texas Panhandle to Upper Michigan on Nov.
19-20 blanketing the Upper Midwest with heavy snow. Some of the heavier totals included 14.5 inches at Ironwood, Mich., and 11 inches at Bayfield, Wis.