Wintry 30s arrive in the wake of Sunday’s windy 70

Howling south winds frequently gusting in excess of 50 mph sent Sunday’s high temperatures soaring to a balmy 70 degrees, making it the city’s warmest Veterans Day since 1964.  Just as quickly, overnight temperatures plunged into the 30s  as a cold rain and strong west winds sent the mercury on a steep decline. Many locations in Iowa and western Illinois reported a changeover to snow before the precipitation ended Sunday afternoon and evening and it is likely that the Chicago area will see some snowflakes before the rain ends in the predawn hours Monday.  After Sunday’s unseasonably warm 70,  Monday’s daytime highs should not climb out of the 30s;  the equivalent of a calendar change from late September to early December. To add to the day’s wintry feel, a few afternoon snow flurries are possible.


Slow warming the rest of the week


High pressure will dominate the Midwest the rest of the week, keeping the weather dry and allowing slow day-to-day warming with readings returning to the 50s by late in the week.

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