Chicago voters undeterred by the chilliest November Election Day in 20 years; only two other November elections here colder

There have been 35 November elections in Chicago since 1872 and only three have been as chilly as Tuesday. Just two have been colder.

Tuesday’s 42-degree high made it the chilliest November election here since 1992 when the high was also 42.

Rain fell lightly Tuesday afternoon, mixed with wet snow to the city’s west and north near Elburn, DeKalb and Rockford. Some mixed ice pellets were reported at Antioch. 63% of November elections since 1872 have reported at least some rain.

Drizzle, light rain and sprinkles have continued overnight and should be winding down Wednesday afternoon. Cloud breaks at that time may permit passing sun, though nighttime cooling and light winds Wednesday night may permit low clouds and areas of fog to form.

Wednesday marks the 13th straight day of below normal temperatures

Wednesday’s predicted 47-degree high will make it the 13th consecutive day of below normal temperatures. A string of sub-normal daytime readings as long as this one hasn’t occurred for more than three years.

12 states being impacted by a powerful nor-easter; storm–though less extreme than Sandy—is a vigorous, troublesome system

Chicago’s weather may be chilly and raw, but the Mid-Atlantic is dealing with its second significant storm in a week’s time. Though not as intense a storm as last week’s Hurricane Sandy, the nor-easter hammering the decimated Jersey shore and sections of 12 eastern states, is intense and capable of causing additional damage.

Some overnight computer runs bring the new storm closer to the New Jersey shoreline than many recent model forecasts.

Tides could surge 4 to 8 ft. above normal—enough to initiate a new round of coastal flooding. Winds may gust to 50 to 70 mph on some stretches of the Mid Atlantic and southern New England coast, sending huge, potentially eroding waves ashore.

Plunge of cold air into the Rockies and northern Plains to spin up a new storm

Frigid air is on the move again out West and expected to bring a snowstorm and a cold plunge to the northern Rockies in coming days. More than a foot of snow may fall in harder hit locations of Montana and a fresh cover of snow is likely to cover a huge swath of the the Rockies east into the upper Plains and southern Canada over the coming week.

Roaring south winds on system’s front-side are predicted to propel weekend temps to near-record warm levels in Chicago

Strong south winds stacked vertically through the atmosphere this weekend are to produce a temperature surge to near record-levels this weekend.

Temperatures of 70 or higher have occurred this late in the season in 56 percent of all  Novembers at Midway Airport. Readings near 70 this weekend are nearly 20 degrees above normal and more typical of September than November. They will also put daytime highs close to record levels.