Tim's Weather World: Superstorm Sandy's amazing stats


It was a one of a kind storm that maybe comes around once in every 100 years or more.  Hurricane Sandy morphed into “Superstorm Sandy” producing record storm surge flooding for the northeast and blizzards in the Appalachians.  Here are some of her amazing stats:


  • 33 deaths in US, more than 100 deaths total
  • $20 billion in damage, $30 billion in lost business (may end up among the top 5 costliest US hurricanes)
  • lowest pressure ever recorded for a hurricane north of the Carolinas
  • Sandy was the 8th Atlantic hurricane so far this year
  • Wind gust to 90 mph at Islip, NY and 89 mph in Surf City, NJ
  • Nearly 8 million without power during the height of the storm
  • NYSE closed for consecutive days for the first time since 1888
  • more than 3 feet of snow in parts of West Virginia
  • 32.5 ft wave in New York harbor which breaks previous record by more than 6 feet
  • Record high water level of 13.88 ft at Battery Park in Manhattan

Superstorm Sandy’s local impact:


  • gusts to 69 mph in Michigan City, 60 mph gusts in Gary
  • 21.7″ wave registered in southern Lake Michigan (record is 22.9″)
  • Lake Michigan’s water level climbed up to 10″ above normal





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