Tim's Weather World: Breaking this year's heat down by state

The year to-date has been the hottest for the U.S. since 1895.  There has been over 55,000 high-temperature records (high maximum or high minimum) this year outpacing low-temperature (low maximum or low minimum)records by nearly 6 to 1.   Stripping the data down to just record-high maximum temperatures vs. record low minimum temperatures and the ratio climbs to nearly 7 to 1. Climate Central has broken down the record-breaking heat by states.  No surprise here, Illinois is among the top ten biggest record breakers.


Illinois ties for sixth place with North Dakota.  Illinois had 4 times the expected number of records with 12 times more record high temps than record lows.  Some of the same states experiencing record-breaking drought also experienced the worst of the scorching heat.

Here are some other hi-lights from the analysis of this summer’s record heat:


  • 25 states had high to low-temperature record ratios of 10:1 or greater. Fourteen had a ratio of greater than 20:1, three states had greater than a 40:1 ratio, and none had less than a 1:1 ratio. Ohio topped the list with 49 high-temperature records for every record low. Nationally, through August 31, record highs were outpacing record lows by a 7 to 1 margin.
  • Weather stations in the hottest states set records on average every two weeks from January through the end of August, a rate more than four times the historic average.

Right on cue the coolest air of the season slips south out of Canada and into the midwest this weekend to coincide with the official start of fall..  It is shaping up to be the coolest weekend in nearly 5 months with highs possibly not budging beyond the upper 50s on Saturday.




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