Magnificent video of Monday night's aurora captured in Southwest Michigan

by Mike Hamernik!/MikeHamernik


BELOW:  Timeslapse of the aurora from Martin, Michigan, 17 miles north of Kalamazoo



Monday night’s aurora borealis show didn’t last very long, but it definitely left an impression on those who captured the dancing red and green lights.

According to Triton College astronomer Dan Joyce, this was the Chicago areas first significant northern lights event in nearly seven years.  By most accounts, the display peaked between 8:30PM & 9:15PM CDT. 

Urban lights prevented city dwellers from taking in the show, but many suburban locations were dark enough experience the exhibition including Batavia, Mundelein, Long Grove, Champaign, Kenosha, Algonquin and Milwaukee

One photographer west of Madison, WI claims the display was so bright “it lit up the ground”.  His photographs can be seen here

If you are ever fortunate enough to witness a vibrant display of the aurora borealis, otherwise known as the northern lights in the northern hemisphere, I can guarantee it is a sight you will never forget.

Special thanks to Michael Gavin and Shawn Gavin of Martin, Michigan.

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