How cold was the Niagara Falls area in 1911?

Dear Tom,
I’ve seen pictures of a frozen Niagara Falls taken in 1911. How cold was it?

Douglas Ludwig, Sugar Grove
Dear Douglas,
Based on area weather reports, it is likely the photos were actually taken in late January or early February of 1912 when a severe cold wave gripped the Great Lakes region. January, 1912, was the coldest January on record in that region, not only in terms of temperature but also in consecutive subzero days. Buffalo, New York, registered only five January days that topped the freezing mark and the six-week period extending into mid-February remains the city’s coldest on record. Buffalo did not climb above freezing from Jan. 30-Feb. 16, with the mercury dropping as low as minus 13 on Feb. 10. It should be noted that the falls did not freeze. The huge ice shield that built up is actually blocking the view of water that is still roaring behind and beneath the ice.