Chicago's terribly wet Halloween of 1994

Dear Tom,
Recent columns have addressed both warm and snowy Halloweens. I remember a very rainy Halloween in the 1990s. When did that occur?

—Rachel Smith

Dear Rachel,
You are recalling Halloween 1994, which was a terribly wet, windy and raw day in Chicago. Rainfall officially totaled 2.26 inches, a record for the day, and was accompanied strong winds and falling temperatures. That Monday evening the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers played a nationally televised football game at Soldier Field and it was almost impossible to see the game as northeast winds clocked in excess of 60 mph blew the rain horizontally. As temperatures fell through the evening, the rain changed to wet snow in the west and northwest suburbs, whitening the ground. That storm was also responsible for the tragic crash of an American Eagle plane near Roselawn in northwest Indiana, a result of severe icing in the clouds.