0 thoughts on “Windy storm threat midweek could deliver first major snow to Chicago

  1. Hi Tom, looking at this forcast and the way this fall has been going reminds me of the winter of 2005-2006. I remember 1 big storm in December and 1 in Janurary and the rest of the winter was warm with very little snow. being a snow removal contractor, this makes me worry and wonder if are there other simularites between this year and 05/06.
    Thank you,
    Bob S
    Festival Services Corporation

  2. Good Evening Tom, just watched the weather report and (lets just say) I’m glad I live in Virginia, where it’s not so icy. i enjoy your weather report everyday at noon(1:00p.m. my time) because I can see it coming my way from your map. I hope the homeless of your area are well taken care of, because, I see the temp is going to be below ice-making level. Just thought I would mention them, for te homeless need our help more than anyone. Happy Holidays to you and the whole crew up there in Chi-Town. PEACE

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