Check out this geomagnetic activity plot from our astronomer Dan Joyce

The astronomical community has been abuzz for some time regarding the remarkably low level of solar activity (sunspots) in recent months. Our astronomer Dan Joyce says the situation is truly abnormal–especially in a period in which the sun should be cycling into a more active phase as a new 11 year solar maximum approaches. This geomagnetic plot back to 2000 underscores just how anomalous the low level of solar activity has been. The sun is in a less energetic state when sunspots are so limited and there are some in meteorology and astronomy who believe this can have an effect on earth’s weather. It’s a situation which is going to be interesting to follow. Our thanks, as always, to Dan Joyce for his insight and expertise on this subject and for sending us this geomagnetic activity plot.
Tom Skilling
Graph courtesy of astronomer Dan Joyce, Cernan Earth and Space Center, Triton College